Website: Complete solution from domain name registration, pop mail setup, to designing, uploading & maintaining.

In today's world if you still do not have a website, means you are living on luck! Not to offend, but the fact remains, that you miss out too much on image building, and the technology benefits of reaching out to people/audience. Restricting yourself to old style hard working, which does pay you, but in today's world we cannot think of missing out the opportunity that the internet throws on us. It is so powerful, that if it is rightly used, even governments can be shaken up or re-formed!

It includes domain name registration, two pop up mails, 5 page web static webdesign. enquiry capture form & hosting! What else, on an additional Rs.500/- you can get this up and ready in just 24 hours! Note: Applicable for extention. For others like .com, .org, .in etc kindly ascertain before booking.


So better late than never! Your virtual presence is as important as the brick and mortar company. Remember, virtual office is 24/7 open and hence, visitor is always free to come in any time! Get your website today! Call Toll Free: 1800 - 1025 - 125

Payroll Processing: This is a service in which we do the complete payroll processing for all your staffs. This is ideal for small companies who do not wish or viable to allocate exclusive staff/department for the same. You can leave that task to us and we shall do it with all smile for a nominal cost.

You just need to provide us the info of their CTC and their attendance or instructions for each staff just once.

We shall also help generate payslips for your entire staff with your company logo as per the industry standards.

System Audit: In this service, we visit and understand the current system followed, may it be logistics, finance handling, cash flows or payment/billing/recruitment/hire & termination procedures and documentation process. We help identify any repeat/duplication of process, any loop holes/missing links. The audit is of two types: Independent audit & Combined Audit.

Independent Audit: Is an audit exclusively by our team of experts and reported directly to the management. This serves as deterent and equivalent to inspection. It can be done in two formats. Surprise & Scheduled depending upon the need arrived at during preliminary discussion.

Combined Audit: Is an audit which is done in participation of the clients staffs who maintain records or responsible for functioning and a joint report is submitted. This is done as a constructive team and whether this kind of audit is desired or not is decided at the time of preliminary discussion.


Establish, Run, Stabilize & Hand Over! Acronym: ERSHO!

This service is Ideal for starts ups, Just Started, Trouble shooting branches/ Units Or simply establishing a new unit/ branch/office in same or another city/ state.

We are your PARTNERS, when you need the MOST!

ERSHO service enables you to hire the best at a nominal cost and does not become a permanent cost feature in the affairs of your business.

We give complete support/ guidance/ execution in:

1. Identifying the office space with in your budget. 

2. Getting the formalities done for such office, once approved/okayed.

3. Get all necessary permits & complete statutory registrations like; shop & establishment, Labour license, PF & ESI (if applicable), PT & ST, VAT etc.
4. Recruit your staff from scratch from officeboy,reception,executives, managers  etc.
5. Apply & get the telephone/ internet/ and other connections.
6. Kick start the business and stablize to handover! 

We are open to one on one meet to discuss and come to an mutually agreeable format of time, efforts, investment & result.

Strategic Consultants.