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Are you a security service provider? Register. Down load the xl sheet format for vendor registration. Its free!

STRATEGIC CONSULTANTS is OPEN to freelancers in the field of Law, training, recruitment, marketing, sales.

Independent consultants who would like to associate can register with us and avail the opportunties to serve more in their field.


If you are a start up or going to  start then do fill in the prescribed form on the left for "ERSHO" Establish, Run, Stabilize and Hand Over! we can arrive at need & possibilities of availaing/extending this service on mutual discussion/ consent. Generally, ERSHO Operation generally takes 3 months to 4 months. For details visit "ERSHO" Page.

Pls Note: As of now we can service/ provide consulting only for the following industries:

1. Security Services.

2. Direct Sales Associates of Financial products like personal loan, hire purchase, housing loans, consumer loans etc.

3. Events/Marketing & Sales Company.

4. Computer Training Centre

5. Placement Agencies

6. Real Estates marketing & sales Division

We assure you to listen to you carefully and help meet your objectives.

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